The Wiese Family | Nelspruit Maternity Photographer

June 29, 2017

Meet the lovely Wiese family – awaiting the arrival of their newest member!  Monique looked amazing – so happy and relaxed and just content to spend the time with her husband and son in celebration.  I enjoyed this little man so much – he was just smiling and playing and having the most fun time!  With his big bright eyes and curly blonde hair I just know he is going to be a real heartbreaker one day – mom will have to keep the ladies away!

I always joke that a maternity session is not really a maternity session the second time around – with an older sibling its always more of a family shoot, and I actually love that.  its almost a last time that the family celebrates their era together as they knew it, before another little baby joins and a whole new life starts together.  I also enjoy being a part of that journey – and meeting the family again after the newest member arrives.  What a special time!

Thank you guys – I enjoyed our shoot immensely and you looked so gorgeous!  I hope to meet you all again soon!

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