The Kleijnhans Family | Nelspruit Family Photographer

June 27, 2017

Meet the lovely Kleijnhans family whom I met at their lovely home for a lifestyle shoot very unique to them.  Their home is gorgeous, but I enjoyed capturing the kids in spaces they all loved – so on the swing, in the greenhouse and in their treehouse!  My favourites are the images of them all in the kitchen – the kids were simply eating berries and playing – and I enjoyed their spontaneous hugs, laughs and funny faces.  Anyone with kids know that these are the moments we treasure – when they are just being truly themselves.

Mom and dad were so much fun – even joining in a bit of a fun with everyone tumbling over each other on the bed!!

Thank you for allowing me into your home – your kids are gorgeous, your house so beautiful – it was such a pleasure to be there!

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