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September 11, 2012

This was actually one of the funniest sessions I’ve done in a while.

Mom Lize contacted me for a shoot for her two little girls – Zoë and Mia.  I remember her letting me know that her two little girls really love being outside, they love going to the farm and so doing an on-locations shoot would be perfect.  She suggested bringing some knit animals etc.  We planned the shoot and the day dawned bright and beautiful…

What I firstly really enjoyed and we were joking about this quite a bit, was that Zoë showed up in a tutu with high heels for her mom’s intended veld session…so much for being a farm girl!  Those glittery silver heels were not to be taken off, and she looked so cute as she traipsed around in those shoes!!  Unfortunately we also both got stuck in horrible traffic that morning and poor little Mia was actually completely over the session by the time we got there.  So we arranged for a follow-up to capture some photos of Mia.

It turned out to be the best thing ever…Mia was so cute at our second session!  She was playing with the animals, adopted a knitted mouse as her baby, made is sit on the chair and told it to stay there, stood and sat on her little striped suitcase…I literally just need to watch – she was so entertaining!

So here are a couple of photos from two of my favourite little sisters.  Lize – it was so much fun – I cannot wait to do it again!


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