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January 5, 2013

I am on a roll – third blog post for tonight!!  All of this is still from 2012 – working hard at getting them posted!

Meet the van Biljon family whom I had the pleasure of spending a lovely afternoon with.  Big brother Deandre gave me the most gorgeous wide eyed smiles while his cute little sister Amika just copied everything her brother did!  She just made us all smile by trying the poses and giving her own special bit of Amika magic to them.  We were lucky in light too – the late afternoon sun just peeked through the trees in lit up these kids with golden halos.  Towards the end of our shoot we encountered a very tame and friendly rabbit and we all watched as Amika tried to catch him….or maybe her…I’m not too sure!  This is such a close knit family and the time really flew – before I could blink we had taken lots of photos – it was so easy to just click away – they were all so natural and relaxed!!

I love every one of their photos – I still smile when I look at them!

Here they are – the stunning Van Biljons!

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