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January 31, 2017

Meet the Smiths…again!  Having done some family portraits for them before, it was really fun to see them again.  I cannot believe how time has flown and how much the kids have grown.  We of course had to also include Bumblebee, who is now part of the family.  Luckily he fit right in with the yellow flowers!

What I loved about this shoot is the playfulness – while we obviously wanted to get some photos of the family together, my favourites are actually the family at play…even including bumblebee.  I think we often view photos as a perfect moment to be remembered, but I have always preferred remembering real moments.  The real way your child winks…with her face scrunched up in concentration.  The real way you laugh together when your noses touch.  Or even the real way your son turns your face towards him so he can give you a big kiss.  Those, to me, are the moments I want on my wall.  The ones I will always walk past and smile.

In my own home one of my favourite photos is one of my son with a really big frown, wearing a cape and a mask – because the only way I could get him to be in the photos was by allowing the new superhero costume he had gotten.  And he was still quite irritated with his mom!!  But that one moment makes me smile everytime and it is still one of my favourite photos of him.

Thank you Christelle, for having fun with me – you guys are the cutest bunch ever!

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