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September 22, 2016

Ever since I met the Robin at Justin – Robin glowing and gorgeously pregnant with Lily, I have loved photographing this family.  Soon Elijah joined them and I cannot believe how quickly these two gorgeous kids are growing up!  Whenever I get an email from Robyn booking a shoot I get all excited, because I know we will have a few good laughs while just having fun and taking some snaps.

The other day I couldn’t help but smile when one of Lily’s newborn photos popped up in my Facebook Memories feed – great idea FB, I really love seeing them!!  Today as I share these images that session is so fresh in my memory that it feels like yesterday.  It reminds me that taking photos of those you love regularly is so important – and kids just grow up too fast.  When you have a newborn and everyone tells you to appreciate the little moments because it goes by so quickly, you nod and smile…but its not until you compare the images to the memory of something that feels like it happened only weeks ago, that you realise the truth in it.

I love the real moments – Elijah running out of the photo, Lily being shy, cuddles, laughs and playing – I love them all!

Thank you so much for once more trusting me with your memories and giving me the opportunity to spend it with your family.  I hope these images bring you lots of joy! You guys rock!


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