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August 27, 2015

Recently I spent a morning with this lovely family to photograph their brand new baby boy.  I really enjoy lifestyle photography – it is so much more natural and real and gives the opportunity to capture the special bond in a family.  Photographed in the comfort of their own home, we could just relax and spend some time appreciating the little man who has so obviously stolen mom and dad’s hearts.  I think he already has them wrapped around his little pinky. and as always I enjoyed watching their faces as they played and cuddled with him.

I moved to Dullstroom a few months ago and while I still accept shoots in Gauteng (I am there so often anyway!!) I have made the decision to not include posed newborn photography in my packages any longer.  The reason for this is mainly that the newborn posing is very limiting in terms of the age window one has to achieve these images.  I will therefor from now on only offer Lifestyle Newborn Portraiture.  I have always incorporated an element of this in my sessions and have always felt that its a lot less stressful to mom and baby.  The sessions are shorter, baby can be awake or asleep and these images can be done at any age – though I would still suggest doing it as soon as possible to capture the newness of a new baby.  Look out for another Lifestyle Session coming to the blog soon for more examples…


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