Tess & Garth {Antelope Park} | Zimbabwe Wedding Photographer

April 8, 2015

I was really excited to photograph my first wedding outside South African borders – in the lovely country of Zimbabwe, and really excited to work with the lovely adventurous Tess and Garth.  While this couple resides in Britain, they decided to tie the knot in Garth’s country of origin.  So, on a lovely summer morning I hopped on a tiny plane with my awesome assistant Liesl and good friend and videographer Jacques Crafford – and off we went to Antelope Park near Gweru.

By the time we arrived in Zimbabwe the air had cooled and light rain started falling – a sign of the weather we were about to experience.  I have never photographed such a wet wedding.  By the evening of the big day the river had slowly started pushing over its banks and catfish were wriggling around in the water on the lawn.  With the water calf-deep over the bridge in parts, we were carrying gear around on our backs and shooting barefoot!

But nothing phased Tess and Garth – our couple kept smiling – radiant and happy even though the rain had forced them to move their outside ceremony under the lapa.  Somehow – in a day where it was raining every moment, the rain miraculously stopped for exactly one hour – and it happened to be just before sunset when we went out to photograph the coupleshoot.  With the sound of Lions roaring in the background we managed to have a lovely shoot before the clouds conspired again and drenched the whole bridal party!!

Tess and Garth – thank you so much for sharing your day with us – it was a pleasure and an amazing experience.  It was great to see a little of Zimbabwe and get to spend a day with such a dynamic and fun couple!!

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