Shari and Squishy | Equine Photographer

May 30, 2017

I love horses – I have always loved horses.  As a child I wished for a pony just as many other girls did, but it was only as an adult that my dream of riding could come true.  Not many know this but I started out photographing horse shows – dressage and jumping before I was a portrait photographer.  So it is with great pleasure that I blog this shoot – a combination of my passions – both horses and photography in one.

It helps of course when you have a gorgeous lady and a gorgeous horse to photograph.  Shari is the manager at Mataffin stables in Nelspruit where I also now stable my own horse.  Squishy, or Vainquish in full, is her young warmblood mare and the best model ever!  While she initially thought we were all acting crazy, she quickly settled down and it is clear that there is a very special bond between her and Shari.  Shari is crazy about her lovely girl, and I am so grateful to have captured some special moments between them.

Here they are – and hopefully my first horse photo shoot of many!

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