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October 3, 2012

when I met Corlia for the first time at their maternity session, she told me they were really working hard on completing the nursery before little Sebastian arrives (have a look at the maternity session here) .  In my head I imagined blue walls and matching curtains…but it ended up being one of the most beautiful rooms I have ever seen.  I cannot even imagine how they came up with this rustic mix of elements – if I have another child I’m hiring them to do the nursery!!

Unfortunately Dad couldn’t join us for the session, but Mom and I had a ball playing with her little man.  We chatted a lot and I left the shoot in utter awe of this strong woman and her journey to here.  Her absolute love for the latest addition to her gorgeous family was so touching.

And of course their ended up being dogs…and they ended up in the photos.  I don’t think I can describe in words how much I love adding pets into photos.  They are such a special part of our lives too and I always feel the photos are so much more real with them in there too!  The photo where her little Yorkie is leaning towards her, standing with his (or her…confess I cannot remember!!) paws on the arm rest of the chair is one of my favourite photos ever.

I hope you enjoy these – what a lovely session it was!!

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