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June 8, 2017

Ryna and DP had quite an eventful run-up to their wedding.  Not only did poor DP have to have emergency surgery only 3 days prior to their big day – his appendix had to be removed – but it turned out to be the wettest week of the year with over 100mm of rain coming down in droves on their wedding day itself.  Ryna told me beforehand that they specifically booked Oakfield Farm because they fell in love with the extensive gardens and nooks and crannies.  But with the rain making it impossible to shoot outside and DP still sore from his procedure, we decided to enjoy the day and do their couple shoot after their return from their honeymoon.  This is not something that happens often, but I was so happy to help Ryna realise her dream of outside photos in the lush gardens.

Despite the rain the day was amazing – Ryna looked gorgeous and if I didn’t see DP wince every now and then, I wouldn’t be able to tell that anything happened that week.  What a trooper!  But as with all weddings the most important part was making their promises, and they did so in style.

It was so precious to share in your day, and I had so much fun coming back for take 2 as well…when you look that amazing in your dress, why not wear it twice!  I hope that the many blessings that fell on your big day, stay with you always!

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