Natasha & Sean {Kuthaba Bush Lodge} | Limpopo Wedding Photographer

May 9, 2017

It was a lot of fun to drive out to Kuthaba Bush Lodge in Limpopo to photograph Natasha and Sean’s bushveld wedding.

Natasha has such a lively spirit and simply the biggest smile I’ve ever seen – she looked so beautiful and elegant!!  While we were slightly worried when a big cloud suddenly crept over the hills and dumped an immense amount of rain around us, the sky magically cleared for their nuptials, only to grow dark again as we neared the end of their photo session.  Through it all Natasha’s smile didn’t waiver once, and everyone around her was swept up in her excitement.

Sean had such a beautiful reaction to the arrival of his gorgeous bride – trying to smile through the tears as she floated down the isle towards him.  My heart crept into my throat at the intense moment and even I had to swallow back a tear!  I have rarely seen a man so touched and it just made me realise again how much I enjoy what I do.

With amazing trees and the surrounds almost an iridescent green, I had a lot of fun with the adventurous couple.  Smiling shyly at each other through the tall grass, they just made my day in every sense.  May you two have the same magical smile for another always!!

Here they are!

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