Nadine & Christiaan {Greenleaves Country Lodge} | Pretoria Wedding Photographer

January 19, 2016

There was just something intensely spiritual about the day Nadine and Christiaan made their forever promise to one another.  It wasn’t just the message, or the faith the family share.  There was an atmosphere in the Chapel…something in the air.  It was the way the light illuminated them, the raw emotion of two people so devoted to one another, the overwhelming happiness.  I confess that I shared a lot in this blog in black and white, just because it felt like the feeling was captured so much better, so much more real.

I could probably have shared every image from the ceremony if it didn’t mean that the blog would go on forever and I would be very unpopular for making everyone wait for them all to load!!  Weddings stay with me for many different reasons…sometimes its something as simple as a gorgeous dress, or a really funky first dance…this wedding will always stay in my mind for is raw real feelings…for the fact that so much of the emphasis was on the promise they made.  Emphasis in all the right places…

As always Greenleaves did not disappoint – what a pleasure to be part of this day!  I also just adore the colour scheme for the decor – so pretty!

Nadine and Christiaan – the foundation is already there…I think I was smiling all the time while watching you.  I know that same magic will be there every day of your lives together…thank you for allowing me a little peek!


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