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February 16, 2014

When I think about this wedding it just hits me that it was a wedding like no other.  Not only was it an intimate wedding with lots of DIY, it was a wedding with lots of little traditions and customs so unique.

My surname is quite unique and since getting married to my hubby of 9 years (only one week to go before our 9th anniversary!!) I have had to get used to being a Wolfswinkel.  I am often asked where it originates from, and as I understand it has something to do with a shop on a corner and is of dutch origin.  So this wedding is special to me in the sense that I fit right in!!  Hanno and Minjonet got married in their own church and they have a special tradition – the whole congregation attends the nuptials and afterwards each member comes around to congratulate the happy couple.  While this special ceremony was going on a member of the church came up to me and asked if I was a ‘Dryfhout’…for a moment I stared at her in consternation (what is a dryfhout??!!)…until she explained that all Dryfhouts had little clefts in their chins!!  I suddenly realised it was a surname and could proudly proclaim that I was indeed a Wolfswinkel, and not a Dryfhout!  It was a special wedding indeed!

Another unique feature of Dutch weddings is ‘Stukkies’…members of the family and friends prepare little performances (songs, stories – you name it!) and perform them as part of the entertainment of the evening.  Minjonet’s family had us all in stitches as they sang a popular song so aptly describing the love Minjonet has for Hanno…a lovely gesture indeed!

I can probably write paragraphs about this wedding and the lovely sweet couple at the centre of it – they left such an impression on me – a very pure love exists between them – but let me get to the photos…

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