Michelle & Andre {Tres Jolie} | Gauteng Wedding Photographer

April 19, 2016

I’m a bit of a closet romantic – while you won’t find me reading a romantic novel, you will find me smiling all silly while editing and reliving weddings like this one… More often than not I also have a sheepish grin on my face when listening to speeches and vows. I love love.

People like Michelle and Andre just make you believe in fairytales.  How he saw her across a room and tried to get her name, and how it just so happened that she was the flatmate of a long lost niece he made contact with again around the same time.  Andre apparently also told her very early on that he couldn’t be her boyfriend as he was going to marry her! *happy sigh*

When you meet these two the energy between them is palpable – love hangs around them like a cloud.  I think I just spent the whole day floating around photographing! Even the snails in the bushes were kissing!

Thank you so much Michelle and Andre – you’re an inspiration to me, and your bond something that I feel privileged to have been a witness to… you rocked my world!

Beware – this is a big blogpost!

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