Leyla – 1 year old | Pretoria Baby Photographer

June 20, 2012

Meet little Leyla – this happy little girl turned 1 recently and mom arranged for a shoot to remember this special birthday.

We had a lot of fun just playing around the house – Leyla had a bath just as I arrived, so I grabbed the opportunity to take one or two candid pictures.  Then the two had some special mom-and-daughter time playing on the bed – they are gorgeous to watch together!

Leyla is also very fond of playing outside and so we took a lot of photos out in their lovely garden.  The couch is part of a garden set outside and ended up being the ideal prop to use for family photos.  Anna was very excited to share that Leyla had just started standing by herself – and she even showed me her new trick – I adore those chubby 1-year old legs!!

All-in-all it was so special to meet this family and spend time with them – their energy is contagious and I found myself just smiling while watching them.

Happy Birthday Leyla – may you discover many wonders this year and bring your parents lots of those lovely smiles!

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