Karin & Francois {Avianto} | Johannesburg Wedding Photographer

September 8, 2015

Avianto has been on my ‘Want-to-photograph-a-wedding-there’ list for some time – and I was really happy when Karin and Francois told me of their venue choice!  Karin is a lovely bubbly lady with a big, quick smile and Francois is gentle and although more serious, they really complement each other so well.  He seems to be the spirit that grounds her while she is the air beneath his wings.

There were a lot of little details that I loved about their wedding – from the gift boxes for each groomsman and bridesmaid, to the unique table names.  Each table named after a memory – where they got engaged, when Francois asked Karin to marry him…little special moments that lead up to this big day.  I also thought the heart earrings for the ladies was so cute!

A lot of laughter and tears spiced up the evening and with a delicious dinner and a nice big dance floor, this wedding was definitely a lot of fun for all.

Congratulations Karin and Francois – I know that there will be many more special memories to share with loved ones…and lots more smiles!

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