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January 5, 2013

Remember Jonathan – a while ago I posted his newborn photos on the blog – have a look here if you missed it.  Well, unfortunately Pierre had an emergency and missed the shoot, so Jeaunes booked another quick family shoot to include daddy.

Unfortunately we weren’t too lucky with the weather – but with Jonathan all bundled up we managed to pull it off!  I’ve done quite a few shoots with Jeaunes and Pierre – so its so much fun to see them again – I feel like we can chat like old friends already!  Its always very special to me when I get to see the babies I did newborn photos for again, and it always strikes me how fast time seems to fly.  Maybe – in my own little way – I can contribute to making time stand still for just a few moments and capture a memory.  And its really special when its with people like Jeaunes and Pierre whom I’ve shared a couple of memories with.

Here they are – some photos from their first session as a happy threesome – and what a gorgeous family they are!!

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