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June 11, 2015

On a lovely warm Saturday Johanne and Marius made promises to each other at the quaint rustic Imperfect Perfection just outside Pretoria.  Its a magical place that seems to take you to another time of whimsical lightness and old-world charm.  I love this venue – not only the food and ambiance, but the amazing people who make every experience there a memorable one.

Johanne looked so striking with her beautiful big brown eyes and edgy hair-do – she has the brightest smile that stayed firmly in place as a rainstorm drenched the venue shortly before the Chapel service.  Our bride was peeking out the windows and doors as big drops came crashing down!  But the storm merely washed all the dust away, cleaning the earth and freshening up the air for a memorable service and lovely evening.

When I first met Johanne she particularly mentioned that she wanted the horses from the venue in the photos, so we were very happy when they decided to play along and came over to watch our photo session in interest.  Luckily we also managed to get some lovely flower shots before a bull decided to take a bite, and then proceeded to eat poor Johanne’s bouquet!!

Marius and Johanne – thank you for allowing me to share your day – you are such a cute couple and I really enjoyed working with you!  May your smiles always be as bright together as on your big day!

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