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May 29, 2012

A couple of weeks ago I posted Tanya and Richard’s maternity shoot.  Lara was flitting about in her fairy dress, we were interrupted by a storm, but all in all it was a great shoot.  See that session here.

So, as things go little Jamie arrived in the world soon after.  I was very excited to meet him, and also to see Tanya’s new house as they recently moved.  What a beautiful house!  Jamie is definitely going to have lots of fun kicking his rugby ball in that garden!  Tanya also has a collection of old cameras and some of the most interesting chairs I’ve seen in a long time!

When I saw their bedroom I knew we would be spending our entire session in there – its huge with big wooden windows and light curtains with the sun literally streaming in.  Granny also joined us and Lara was so enthralled by her baby brother, that I could have photographed her for the whole day.  She held him, lovingly touched his little face, gave him a kiss, laughed at his facial expressions and was such a patient big sister!

Tanya picked out a couple of props for us to use and Richard promptly decided that his boy looked like a viking in my lion hat.  Having edited the photos I can see where he comes from – if I had a viking helmet no-one will be any wiser!

In any case – another large share of a beautiful family.  Congratulations on little Jamie – he is so adorable!

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    I just love these pictures!

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