Griffin | Boksburg Newborn Photographer

March 10, 2013

Listening to Dean on the day that I photographed the new addition to their family, I realised that little Griffin is one of those miracle babies…and just looking at the way mom and dad held him, looked at him – and at each other – reminded me how easily we take the little things for granted.  I have rarely seen a couple so absolutely in awe of their baby and one another.  Their house is a place you leave with a light happy heart because that is what this family is – in happiness.

Mom also crocheted the loveliest newborn hat for her little boy and I think I should hire her to make some for me!!  Its a skill I sadly lack and it would make my life so much easier.  So the first photo with the green striped hat – all mom!!

So here is one of the most real raw happy families I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet…complete with their little Griffin.  It was such an honour to do their newborn portraits!

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