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January 20, 2013

Mia has a really interesting story – her parents arrived in South Africa from Germany at the start of October and Mia was born only two weeks later!  Tipping the scale at well over 4kg, she is also one of the biggest newborns I’ve been lucky to photograph.  When I mentioned this to her parents they laughed – Mia’s older siblings were both big babies with the biggest one weighing over 5kg at birth!

I really had fun talking to Markus about their experience so far in South Africa – especially just after welcoming a new baby into the world in a different country.  I really take my hat of to them as I think that must be quite a daunting thing!

We also joked a lot about German cars and the very American Jeep I arrived with!!  The family has lots of plans to explore our gorgeous country as they will be staying here for 2 or 3 years while he finishes his contract and I know they will really enjoy it here.

What I also remember about this specific Friday is that I fetched my new camera and lens afterwards – so blogging this shoot brings back such good memories!!

So – meet gorgeous Mia – a little bit of an international traveller at only two weeks old.  And don’t you just love her hair – she was too adorable!


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