Francois | Nelspruit Newborn Photographer

May 3, 2017

This newborn shoot meant a lot to me – this gorgeous little boy belongs to my brother and his wife and meeting him was so much more special than I even anticipated.  Not only was it great to do this session for them at their home, but it was good to hold and cuddle the little man too!  Little might be the wrong word though – Francois tipped the scale at 3.88kg and a whopping 58cm long.  Yes,  tall like his mom and dad and growing like a weed!!

The dogs had to be in one or two photos of course – I don’t think they fully understood the goings on, but they were so interested in every little squeak and moan Francois made.  But every labrador deserves a little boy and now its just a question of time before they can run around the garden together!  As for my brother Francois and sis-in-law Carien – what a good start to a whole new adventure!  I am looking forward to many more visits and I have already put my name on the babysitter list – lucky me!!

So here they are – I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed taking them!

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