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January 8, 2015

At heart I’m still the small town girl who grew up in Mpumalanga and rode my bicycle along the dirtroads in the town I grew up in.  So farm weddings just appeal to me – the wide open space, the quiet, the country atmosphere.  All of this was present on the day Chalene and Mauritz tied the knot at Die Klipskuur near Heidelberg.

The day was perfect – the sky open and blue with no cloud in sight.  Even though the wind had been fierce all week, it died down on this special day to a slight cooling breeze.  Chalene was so excited – I have rarely seen a bride so excited to get into her wedding dress, and I know why – she looked amazing!

The guests were taken to the forest chapel in a big trailer pulled by a tractor – a real farm experience!  And after the ceremony ferried back to a lovely setting overlooking the farm while we disappeared to take some photos.  The sunset was spectacular, and as the last rays faded beyond the horizon we snapped a few additional photos of the special couple and off we went back to the waiting guests.

The reception was really unique – not only did Mauritz’s sister sing Chalene a song (I had tears in my eyes – it was so beautiful!), but the guests also partook with little anecdotes describing the couple.  It was perfect.

Here is a glimpse at their big day:

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