Cate | Nelspruit Family Photographer

February 21, 2017

When I think of Cate I remember her big big smile as she crawled towards me when we did her very first shoot.  She was the friendliest baby and nothing has changed.  At their next shoot she had the biggest head of curls I had ever seen – cute beyond words.  As a toddler she made me smile with her bubbly nature and open toothy grin and as she bounced out of the car this time I was astounded. Little Cate has turned into a real little girl, the curls made way for gorgeous long hair, her eyes bright and curious…and then she smiled.  Yes, little funny Cate is still the girl with the quick grin and belly laugh – how special to see her grow up!

Marguerite – you are doing a sterling job with your little lady and it was so good to see you girls again!  Thanks for a lovely chat and for sharing your Cate with me for another shoot.  As always I walked away feeling like I am the lucky one!!

Here they are – Cate and Marguerite…

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