Carine & Sjoerd {The Silver Sixpence} | Lydenburg Wedding Photographer

August 2, 2016

Meet Carine and Sjoerd who tied the knot over at The Silver Sixpence not too long ago.  Their wedding brought together some old world charm and classic decor with lots of roses, candles and of course the lovely lace dress Carine wore.  Sjoerd looked so dapper in his bow-tie – which I was surprised to learn was made out of cork!  How is that for something completely different?!  I also really enjoyed the bagpipes and surrounded by hundreds of origami birds hanging from the branches of the tall eucalyptus trees, I think everyone felt a little removed from the real world as his melody drifted through the forest.

Carine is a lovely lady with a shy smile and Sjoerd so down-to-earth and easygoing – it was an immense pleasure to spend the day with them.  I was brilliantly assisted by Liesl – thank you so much for your help on the day – its always so much fun to work together!

But let me not keep you waiting – here they are – the happy couple!  May you always have that twinkle in the eye for one another as you had on this beautiful day of days!

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