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September 22, 2014

I met Amorie for the first time during a friendship shoot she had arranged with some of her girlfriends and when she later asked me to do their wedding photos I was so happy!

If you missed them, look at the engagement images we did a while before the wedding here…

We really only had one cold week this winter, and as fate would have it the coldest day fell right on Amorie and Deon’s big day.  They were not phased in the least!  I smiled as Deon would rub Amorie’s arms and tell her she is shivering, and she would ask me if her lips were turning blue…and then she’d laugh and tell me to keep shooting, because its her one day and she intends to have photos!!  I loved her for it!  Attitude determines so much on a wedding day – we cannot control the weather, and Amorie made the most of every second!  She really was one of the most amazing brides I’ve ever had – she smiled throughout the day!

This was also one of the only weddings where we did a First Look – with Amorie and Deon doing their photos before the ceremony.  The ceremony only started as darkness fell – with big fires going around the venue and lovely sparklers instead of confetti – it was magical!!

Here they are – a little glimpse at their big day!

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